30, 75, or 100 min. Swedish Massage .. $40/$80/$105

Pamper yourself with this full body or more specified massage that will leave you feeling refreshed. A great way to start the day or the best way to end your long week. This is a light to medium pressure Lomilomi massage that will include some stretching.

75 or 100 min. Tranquil Turtle Ashiatsu Massage .. $90/$120

This is the deepest most relaxing massage that

involves long deep gliding strokes with the

Massage Therapists soft padding of her feet.

Ashiatsu covers a larger area at once and

triggers an increased amount of blood flow to

all parts of the body which then boosts your

immune system. This is the most preventative

treatment for athletes because it decreases

pain and increases your range of motion and

athletic performance. Feels more like a

Swedish Massage than the typical Deep

Tissue Massage therefore leaving you with no bruising and soreness! 

75 or 100 min. Honu Infusion Touch .. $95/$125

This is the "Most Exquisite" deep pressure massage

that is applied to relieve severe tension (knots) in

the underlying muscles. Heated Baltic stones and

100% coconut oil are applied throughout this

massage, so that you will actually feel relief and no

discomfort. This is the Tranquil Turtle Signature Massage.

75 or 100 Minute Honu Ashiatsu .. $100/$130

This is our Clients most favored massage! You get the best of both worlds, our Honu Infusion Touch and Tranquil Turtle Ashiatsu combined. This is the massage that gives you the best results as far as healing, performance, and range of motion! If you like deep tissue massage, this will quickly become your favorite!!

75 min. Mommy To Be Honu Massage .. $80

This relaxing massage is for ladies that are in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters only. Feel pampered and nurtured with this massage that will reduce your swelling, as well as the stresses of extra baby weight, help calm your nerves, and allow you to sleep better.

15 or 30 min. Honu Chair Massage .. $25/$45

The ONLY chair massage that you'll never get enough of! Our Signature massage that gives you results. It allows you to be fully clothed while feeling the most relaxed. Perfect for those busy bodies who only have a few moments!


2 or 4 hour Group Event Chair Massages .. $250/$450

This is the perfect for your business events, special occasions, and parties.


Peppermint Rejuvenating and Moisturizing Sugar Body Scrub 45 min. or 60 min. .. $60/$75

Perfect for the cold weather season, and soar muscles. This sugar scrub will leave your skin soft and refreshed. Organic oils, sugars, and essential oils, no additives, dyes, or harsh chemicals! Followed by a deep rejuvenating foot and scalp massage.


Brown Sugar Vanilla Body Scrub 45 min. or 60 min. .. $60/$75

Because sugar is full of glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid that is crucial for maintaining healthy skin, this is a beneficial way to cleanse off the dead skin, nourish and expel toxins. This will leave your skin glowing. Organic oils, sugars, and oils, no additives, dyes, or harsh chemicals! This includes a deep rejuvenating foot and scalp massage.

Tranquil Turtle Deep Relief Spa Package .. $170

Your muscles will thank you after this 2 hour and 30 minute treatment which includes our Honu Ashiatsu Massage followed by our Peppermint Sugar Body Scrub. 

Add your choice of either Peppermint or Brown Sugar Scrub for 30 min. to any massage .. $45

*You may choose to add Essential Oils to any massage for $5

*We charge an additional rate for mobile massage depending on your location. Please inquire for additional costs.

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